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Day Programs

Designed to Meet the Unique Needs of Each Person

Our Day Programs run for six weeks during the summer, four to five days during the winter, and three days during Spring Break. Students experience an array of therapies, social skills training, team building activities, vocational training, and facilitation of their independence. We serve individuals of all abilities from ages 3 to adulthood, and all rooms are staffed with certified educators, instructional assistants, and trained college staff and volunteers.


Dear HEROES Families and Friends.

We wanted to send a message out at our earliest convenience as we have had many emails already with the change in COVID protocols for our state.  As many of you know, our Governor has lifted the mask mandate for our state. At this time, we are continuing to follow CDC guidelines which call for the wearing of masks. I am certain more information will come soon from our county providing guidance in this matter. However, at this time, all HEROES programs will proceed with our current safety measures and protocols in place. Meaning, the wearing of masks will remain in place until you hear otherwise.

Once a decision is made by Dallas County, HEROES will continue to weigh all factors with our decisions with our COVID-19 protocols and the students we serve.   Along with our Board of Directors, Health Advisory Committee and our local community partners, Kim and I will consider all options to keep all students and staff safe at this time.  The health and safety of everyone is our #1 priority.  If this means we continue moving forward with our mask requirement for participation, then this is what we will do to preserve the integrity and safety of our program and its participants.

Our year-round program, HEROES Academy, has around 40% staff and students with health conditions or other underlying factors that places them at risk.  Our summer program supports on average 40-45% a week of individuals with conditions that could affect their health.

While some may not be concerned with the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, we must consider the chance of spreading the sickness within our own HEROES community and what possibly could be carried home to other loved ones as well.

Each and every student that we love, support and serve is a vital part of our HEROES family and community, and we must treat them as so by taking every consideration and precaution to preserve their health and safety.  There is nothing more we would love than to have ALL our students back with us and have a glimpse of what our community used to be prior to March 2020.  Please do not rely on the county or state for what HEROES will look like moving forward.

Over the next week, we will be visiting with our partners that allow us to be in their facilities, and we will speak with our health committee and Board of Directors to define what our protocols will be moving forward.  If you do not hear from myself or any of the HEROES leadership, we will continue the course of our current COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures.  If something should change, you all will be the first to know.

I can appreciate everyone’s individual opinion on the ongoing global pandemic, and we will consider these as we look to support the HEROES programs, students, staff and community as a whole.

Stay safe and stay well.   Thank you!

"Heroes has transformed my life and Ewan's life! No amount of words will ever express the gratitude I have for this amazing program. Ewan has gained so much independence and has such pride to be a part of heroes. We count down the days to summer camp! Every time we drive past the church Ewan gets so excited and cheers "HEROES camp! I go there." It's so awesome! He also recognizes fellow campers and councilors in the community. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! "
Melanie Papier

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