Partnership | H.E.R.O.E.S.


We partner with H.E.R.O.E.S. because they share our values. We're lucky to work with an organization that does so much to improve the lives of those around them.

Become A Partner

H.E.R.O.E.S. is different than other day camps or programs for students with disabilities. We are the only day program in Texas that does not turn away campers. We are proud to say that we welcome everyone, regardless of their medical or behavioral needs.

  • Employment Opportunities
  • Internships
  • Job Training
  • Office/Store Tours

Donate to H.E.R.O.E.S.

A lot goes into sending one child to camp. Our funding must cover food and drink, transportation, staff and volunteers, medical care, and all of the activities that we do with our campers. We rely on donations from community members and businesses to fund our activities and help students realize their potential.

  • $400
  • $17,000
  • $12,000
  • $24,000

We donate to H.E.R.O.E.S. because it gives us a chance to give back to our community and make a difference in someone's life.